1. Mini &Desktop laser engraver JD Mini &Desktop laser engraver is the most suitable and preferred choice in industries such as advertisement, gift producing, shoes and toy making, and so on.
    1. Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine JD Economy Laser Engraving and cutting machine is an affordable and easy to operate equipment. This laser machine is designed to meet marketing demands.
    1. Double Heads Laser Engraving Cutting Machine The X-axis guide rail applied double ones, installed two sets of laser heads, laser power, CO2 laser tube, and controled by two motor.
    1. Large Scale Laser Cutting Machine JD1218, JD1325, JD1625 Our large scale laser cutting machine JD1218, JD1325, JD1625 is applicable for thousands of materials, including acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood, bamboo, oxhorn, figuline, marble, leather, cloth, double-color board, among many other nonmetallic materials.
    1. Desktop Stamp laser engraver JD40W Desktop Laser Engraver is used to engrave on rubber stamp, artwork, photograph, key chain and etc.
    1. Laser Marking Machine (Laser Marker) Our laser marking machine is suitable for both metal and non-metal materials. It is suitable for alloy, oxide, ABS, epoxy resin, and jewelry marking as well as bearing marking, etc.
    1. Laser Metal Cutting Machine The product adopting YAG Solid Laser source, with special design against metal material, laser cutting machine can accomplish the complicated process and make high grade production with smooth surface, suitable for most metal manufacturing and processing industry.
    1. CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 Our CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 is primarily used in woodworking industry. For example, it can be used in furniture decoration industries for furniture decoration, wooden door and window frame processing, and wooden handicraft making industry, and more.
    1. Cylinder Engraving Machine A cylinder engraving machine is a CNC router exclusively designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces. It is regularly used for engraving letters, figures, embosses, etc.
    1. CNC Marble Engraving Machine ------ JD1325A/B CNC Stone Router JD1325B Adopting imported linear square rails guide ways and double rows four line slide blocks; the machine operates smoothly and accurately bearing heavy load and long working life.
    1. CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060 The CNC engraving machine with German double nut and ball bearing guide screw, which enable our machine to operate steadily, precisely and smoothly.
    1. ATC CNC Router ATC CNC routers, for their automatic tool changing function, are extensively used in manufacturing industries for furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, mahjong table, wooden loudspeaker enclosures, and more.
    1. Advertising CNC Router ----- JD6090L, JD12 Our JD series CNC advertising routers are designed with whole steel structure, which help guarantee a steady machine operation. Additionally, our adoption of double-aging treatment for machine body, brand-name motor driver, etc.
    1. Mini desktop CNC Router – JD3030 JD3030 is a high precision and economical mini desktop CNC engraving machine. It is applicable to the industries of artwork processing, advertising and stamp making.
Plasma Cutting Machine Our adoption of Hypertherm USA plasma cutting system guarantees a high cutting precision and high speed.
Accurate cutting is also guaranteed by our special torch height control system. This system enables us to adjust the distance between plasma head and workpiece. Thus we can obtain the optimum distance in accordance with different demands.

Jinan Jindiao is a China laser machine manufacturer and CNC router supplier. Our laser equipment include different kinds of laser engraving machines and laser cutting machines as well as laser marking machines, etc. And our CNC router falls into several categories, that is, CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 s, CNC engraving machine for marbles, cylinder objects and molds, etc.
Jindiao laser machines and CNC routers, etc. are used in numerous industries, such as seal and stamp engraving, advertising-sign making, decoration and textile-material cutting, decorative cutting for leather products, and more.

Jindiao is staffed with a group of senior technicians, thus guaranteeing our ability to develop new products and to improve upon existing products. In addition, Jindiao imposes strict quality control and precise testing of each product, from raw material selection, through each manufacturing process. As a result, our product quality is extremely reliable.

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