Laser Machine

    1. Mini &Desktop laser engraverJD Mini &Desktop laser engraver is the most suitable and preferred choice in industries such as advertisement, gift producing, shoes and toy making, and so on.
    1. Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineJD Economy Laser Engraving and cutting machine is an affordable and easy to operate equipment. This laser machine is designed to meet marketing demands.
    1. Double Heads Laser Engraving Cutting MachineThe X-axis guide rail applied double ones, installed two sets of laser heads, laser power, CO2 laser tube, and controled by two motor.
    1. Large Scale Laser Cutting Machine JD1218, JD1325, JD1625Our large scale laser cutting machine JD1218, JD1325, JD1625 is applicable for thousands of materials, including acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood, bamboo, oxhorn, figuline, marble, leather, cloth, double-color board, among many other nonmetallic materials.
    1. Desktop Stamp laser engraverJD40W Desktop Laser Engraver is used to engrave on rubber stamp, artwork, photograph, key chain and etc.
    1. Laser Marking Machine (Laser Marker)Our laser marking machine is suitable for both metal and non-metal materials. It is suitable for alloy, oxide, ABS, epoxy resin, and jewelry marking as well as bearing marking, etc.
    1. Laser Metal Cutting MachineThe product adopting YAG Solid Laser source, with special design against metal material, laser cutting machine can accomplish the complicated process and make high grade production with smooth surface, suitable for most metal manufacturing and processing industry.

Laser Machine

A laser machine is primarily referred to a laser engraving machine, a laser marking machine or a laser cutting machine. Our laser machine is characterized by compact structure and stable electrical properties. As a result, they have a high incising speed and precise performance. A laser machine is suitable to engrave images, letters, signs and marks, etc. on different materials with different shapes. Now it is popular in industries like advertising, craftwork making, mold making, architectural, printing and packaging, woodworking and decoration, etc.

As an experienced China laser machine manufacturer and supplier, Jindiao adopts world-class control system which has stable performances and good anti-interference capabilities to control our machines. Besides, each of our laser engraver, laser marking machine and laser cutting machine is equipped with a mass storage memory, which greatly improves performance efficiency and precision. Furthermore, the integral-machine-frame design further helps guarantee a stable and accurate performance. In addition, the industrial water cooling system of our laser machines will auto-power-off while there is a short of water and will auto alarm while the system is overheated, which further guarantees a stable and reliable performance and also increases safety standard. And laser machine guide rails which are acquired from other countries also provide a stable machine performance.

We at Jindiao can offer different types of laser machines, including laser engravers, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines, and more. And our laser engraving machinery is classified into economy type, mini type and desktop type laser engravers. Diode-pumped and CO2 laser marking machine are both available here. All these laser equipment have dual-performances, that is, high speed engraving and high speed cutting. Aforementioned laser machinery has features such as low scrap production, low cost, adjustable engraving depth and smooth cutting and incising.

Jindiao laser machine is applicable to comprehensive range of non-metallic materials, including wood, bamboo, jades, marble, synthetic glass, crystal, plastic, rubber, textile materials, paper, leather, and porcelain, and more.

Jindiao, as a laser equipment manufacturer and supplier, can also design machines in accordance with customer desires. We are able to offer different laser machines for processing different materials which are equipped with different equipment components (like laser tables). Welcome to contact us and choose the most suitable machine.